How long will it take to complete the garden room?

All garden rooms are completed within a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

Will we need planning permission?

All garden rooms are built in accordance with guidelines laid out by the government. We will notify you in the survey meeting if there are any issues. No permissions are required if:
(1) The structure is below 2.5m high and no bigger than 15 sqm.
(2) No bigger than 30 sqm within 1 m of the boundary. Full details of the restrictions are on the requirements page or can be found on

What is the payment structure?

A 25% deposit is taken on confirmation of the start date of your project.

Two further invoices of 25% are taken over the course of the project with the final 25% being taken on completion.

Who will install the building?

Only ever the Herts Garden Rooms team.

Will you need access to our property?

We will need access to a power point for the duration of the project, so access will only be required to connect this supply. We use a portaloo service to minimise any disruption to our clients.

What happens with any building waste?

All waste products are removed to an off-site skip.

Will our lawn be damaged during the construction process?

We lay ply sheeting on top of the area surrounding the build and take care to ensure the surface is not damaged during the build.

How can we get a bespoke garden room?

We will assess your needs during our initial survey visit. We will then design a bespoke cad layout of your individual garden room for your approval.

Can we have a garden room built in the winter?

Yes definitely! We offer construction dates throughout the year and our garden rooms are fully insulated, ensuring they can be used all year round.